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Weightlifting Seminar–The Snatch

Brian and Audrey Derwin will be hosting a Weightlifting Seminar on 22 February 2014 from 1pm to 4pm.  The primary focus will be the Snatch.  The cost is $125 and you can sign up on MindBody under the “Seminars” tab.  The seminar will be limited to just 12 athletes.  Additionally, the Derwin’s plan on hosting a second seminar dedicated to the Clean and Jerk in March.  There is a limited number of spots and this notice will be distributed throughout the Weightlifting and CrossFit communities–so if you are interested, I wouldn’t hesitate.  Most of the CrossFit Templar coaching staff have attended the Derwin’s seminars, feel free to ask them their opinion on it.  Also, if you plan on attending, weightlifting shoes are STRONGLY recommended. Below is an in-depth description of the course topics and the Derwin’s lifting and coaching experience.


Learn how to do a proper Snatch to efficiently lift the most weight, have the most fun and limit exposure to injury. The teaching sequence is based off a progression used by Antonio Krastev, who holds the highest official Snatch on record. The course covers the detail to include, stable receiving position, bar trajectory, center of gravity, rapid turnover and fast, precise movement.


Understand the concepts and detail to do a correct Front Squat. There is quite a bit more detail in teaching this lift than most other courses cover. Proper execution of this lift is a building block for a strong Clean and Jerk, which will be covered in the second course.


This is an often overlooked exercise that is a basic strength exercise to work the posterior chain and thus make for a faster Snatch and Clean.



1980 Olympic Team, National Champion at 100 Kg. with best lifts of 155 SN and 207.5 Clean and Jerk.

Coaching since 1985 with athletes on World Teams, Junior World Teams and National, National Junior and National Youth Championships.

Currently coaching Team Spartacus based out of CrossFit Templar.

President USA Weightlifting 1996-2000. USAW had 2 medalists in the 2000 Olympic Games.

Former member USOC Executive Committee and Chair of the USOC Anti-Doping Committee.


Weightlifting competitor since 1988 to present.

Assistant Coach of Team Spartacus


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