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VDL GrassFed Beef Delivery 15Sep12

A note from Steve, VDL Grassfed Beef –

I am a Grass Fed Beef farmer in Northern Wisconsin. My website is www.VDLGrassfed.com. My facebook page is VDL GrassFed.

I will be doing a delivery to TC on the 15th of September and would like to deliver to your gym as well.

I sell the meat cut and wrapped. The meat is sorted into shares. Each share is a bag that has packages of meat in it. I have mixed shares that include Hamburger, Roast and Steak. I also have a few all-hamburger shares. The Mixed Shares weigh between 11 and 14 pounds. I try to do 12 pound shares because most people have that much room in their freezer. A 12 pound mixed share will contain about 6 pounds of hamburger, about 3 pounds of roast and about 3 pounds of steak. The meat is very high quality and lean. The animals were raised on grass without hormones, antibiotics, or GMO feeds.

Steaks are usually T-Bones, Sirloins, and sometimes Rib (Ribeye) or Round Steak. Roasts are usually Sirloin Tip, Rump Roast, or Chuck Roast. The hamburger is about 90 percent lean. Price on mixed shares is 5.60 per pound delivered at your gym. An average share will cost in the neighborhood of 70.00 and will contain about 13 pounds of meat.

I have some all hamburger shares which are about 12 pounds of hamburger in 1 pound packages. Price is 5.10 per pound.

I have space in my vehicle for about 800 pounds, part of which is already sold so ordering early is a good idea.

Send me an email and let me know how many shares you would like. I take checks or cash upon delivery. I also take credit cards or PayPal if you can go online and access my website while I’m there.

I welcome any calls or emails at any time of day or night. I return all messages within 24 hours. I have no problem with any questions no matter how foolish. Foolish questions help point up what I have left out or didn’t make clear enough. Steve

If you’re interested, please call Steve directly to place your order and he will deliver the meat to CrossFit Templar on 15Sep12.

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