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Shoulder Mobility Workshop info

Coming the the shoulder mobility workshop, here is the information you need to know.

If you have not signed up there are still open spots, signup on MindBody.

Do I need to bring anything along to the workshop?
All you need to bring, is a pen and paper if you want to take notes.  If you own your own foam roller, please bring it to the workshop with you.  

What do I wear?
Wear something that allows us to assess and see each other’s, shoulders.  Dress for comfort with loose yoga pants or sweats/shorts.  Ladies  a sports top that leaves the shoulder and shoulder blade open. Guys can either wear a close fitting top or can take their top off during the assessment phase.

If you have a current injury, you can still attend the workshop.  My goal is to teach you helpful ways to perform basic maintenance on your shoulder that affects you whole body in a positive way and helps your CrossFit and life activities.  You will not be asked to put yourself into a compromising position, and will learn helpful ways to help address pain, restore position and help increase mobility once you are cleared to workout again.


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