Reminder-Seminar this weekend Low back and Hip mobility

Who:  This workshop is for anyone who has dysfunctions/movement impairments in squatting, low back pain or hip mobility.  It is great for those who have to sit all day long at at desk or work in a bent over flexed position.

What:  Hip and Low Back Mobility Seminar

When:  Sunday Nov. 3rd 2:00pm-4:00pm

Where:  CrossFit Templar

Why:  Learn how to look after your hips and low back in Crossfit and everyday life.

Cost:  $25 for CFT members/per person (Register on MindBody), $40 (non-members)

Mobility and correct biomechanics in the hips is extremely important when it comes to squatting and heavy lifting.  This workshop will give you the education and tools to help improve your squats in a loaded position by teaching you simple ways to:  improve your posture, increase hip range of motion and help keep your low back healthy.

We’ll teach you how to do a number of hip and low back specific mobility drills to help your squat position and depth with the goal of minimizing low back pain, improving your position and overall performance.   The hip joint and muscle groups that act and cross the area will be highlighted as well as proper postural positioning and how to improve that with SMR (self-myofascial release), specific stretches and corrective exercises.

Workshop participants will come home with a simple corrective exercise program that will support faster recovery and enhance their hip and low back mobility in CrossFit workouts and activities of daily living.

Taught by:  Deb Preachuk-BRS,BPE,

CFT member & Corrective Exercise Specialist

Workshop will review:

  • education on hip positioning and testing for inhibited movement
  • correct hip posture for the hip and low back
  • techniques to mobilize the hips at CrossFit and at home
  • signs & symptoms of hip dysfunction
  • corrective exercises to mobilize, rehabilitate and prevent injury (you’ll learn movements and take them to do on your own at home or before/after a CF WOD)

NOTE:  Bring your own Foam Roller and LAX ball to the workshop.  Don’t have one?  We can pre-order a package for $30.00 (foam roller, and 3 LAX ball set) for you and have it available for pick up at the workshop.

Questions? Contact Deb at

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