Recipes & Meal Planning

Recipes, coaches favorites and advice from those who have done it before…






COACHES FAVORITE **Egg Muffins – Great for on the go!  Make a large batch – freeze or refrigerate – pop in the microwave and go.  Lots of recipes out there.  Add a variety of your favorite veggies and meat!

COACHES KEY ADVICE **Always remember you don’t have to eat “breakfast food” for breakfast, just eat good clean whole food (nothing wrong with last nights left overs).



COACHES FAVORITE **Kitchen Sink Salads – Great for a number of days (as long as you hold off and add the dressing and avocado prior to eating).  Again there a ton of different kitchen sink recipes out there.  The great thing is you can add and subtract your favorite ingredients with almost all the recipes.

COACHES KEY ADVICE**Don’t over think lunch!  A good protein, LOTS of veggies and a little fat and you are good to go.



COACHES FAVORITE**Spaghetti Pie – Filling!  Always left-overs! Cater to your favorite meats and veggies! EASY!!

COACHES KEY ADVICE**Stick with BASIC recipes.  You will find lots of recipes out there with 20 ingredients and items you have never heard of, BUT you can also find plenty of recipes that are basic, filling and that taste good.  Cooking DOES NOT have to be hard.



COACHES KEY ADVICE**The best snacks are veggies, raw nuts/seeds and berries.  BUT reality is you will want more, be smart and be prepared.  Limit your “snack” to once a day.  RX Bars are great in a pinch, but 3 a day will not do you any favors.