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Open Gym

With the announcement of a new  Open Gym for the AM class on Wednesdays many people have asked what this is.

Open gym is just another day.

Some of the things you can do during Open Gym

1. Do the daily WOD. There will be a warmup, skill, and WOD just like any other day.

2. Make up a WOD. If you missed a WOD or would just like to try another WOD you can also do that.

3. Work on a specific skill or multiple skills. If there is something you want spend time on, there will be a coach available to help you and provide feedback to improve on those goats. If you looking for a skill to work on let your coach know and they will be more than happy to provide some ideas

4. Come in and mobilize.

Please remember

There is a coach on-site during these times that will be happy give pointers, tips, tricks, support, encouragement etc. They are in the gym to ensure your safety while working through your own “open gym”, and while it may seem like they can be everywhere at once, please don’t expect a personal trainer during this time!



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