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Just wanted to share some pictures as to what a little Paleo can do combined with CrossFitting 4-5 times per week. Congrats man and keep up the hard work! (And for you Paleo Challengers, we hope you get an idea of how important it is to track your progress in photos.)

A note from Matt –
Hi Sean – Here are the photos you were asking about…I basically did a Day 1, Day 30, Day 60, Day 90, and a 10 month (Day 300) from this weekend. The first 90 days I was strict Paleo and since then I’ve been about 90% Paleo. It’s been a great journey so far and I’m looking forward to the next 300 days – I still have a lot to improve on! ~Matt D.













DAY 30












DAY 60












DAY 90












DAY 300

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