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CrossFit has been a fantastic journey for me since starting in December of 2011. I’ve drastically changed my body composition while losing weight and adding strength. More importantly, I’ve met great people that have evolved into a support system that I hadn’t previously experienced before. We’re like an extended family or team. At times we may compete against one another but at the end of the day we root for each other to be better than yesterday. ┬áNew accomplishments are a regular occurrence for us all.

Some personal milestones to note include dropping 25 lbs in two months and maintaining that loss for seven months while adding lean muscle. An example of pure strength gains include increasing my max deadlift well over 100 lbs in six months. In addition, I wasn’t able to do an unassisted pull up at my first workout and four months later I did 36 consecutive pull ups. I now could exceed 50 consecutive pull ups as I’m more confident than ever before. I have really enjoyed learning the proper OLY lifting techniques as it has helped me move more weight than I ever imagined. My endurance, recovery and most importantly my mental toughness is at an all time high too. Lessons learned…nothing worth doing is ever easy so eat right, rest right, believe in yourself, listen to Sean and his training staff and you will succeed.





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