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Important Information

Dear CFT Athletes,

I’m sure many of you have already experienced the new CrossFit Templar facility and recognize that we are determined to bring the best CrossFit experience to all of you.  Guess what, we’re not done yet!  If you didn’t already know, there is another 5,000 sq ft bay adjacent to the current space (through the white garage door) that will be dedicated to our CrossFit Kids and Teens program.  This extra space will give us the opportunity to  do the following:

  • Increase class sizes (which means we’ll be adding assistant coaches to busier classes)
  • Conduct concurrent adult and kid classes
  • Schedule adult CF classes on Wednesday evening
  • Provide specialty classes
  • Host CrossFit Level 1 certifications (provided CFSP doesn’t have a monopoly on them)

Keep in mind, some of these things will be done incrementally as we evaluate demand and fine tune class schedules.  We hope to submit our CF Level 1 host application early next week, so I am not sure how long it takes from submission to actually hosting the certification.

Also, we have restructured our pricing.  You can view the new price list on our website under the “Schedule & Prices” tab.  As you can see, we offer a larger selection of membership packages that should suit all levels of attendance.  We have also increased our cost/session bringing CFT’s prices in line with the other CrossFits in the area.  Instead of transitioning all athletes to the new membership prices at one time (a hellacious task for CFT’s administrative specialist), we’ll make the transition as your one year auto-pay contract expires. You’ll receive an email informing you of this at which point you simply go to the “Online Store” in your MindBody account and purchase your new membership.  Punchcards are under the “Series and Membership” tab and all other memberships are under “Contracts.”  You are able to check when your auto-pay contract expires in the “My Info” tab of your account.  Your “Visit History” is also under that tab.  This will give you an idea of how many times a month you attend, so you can purchase a membership commensurate with your attendance.

We do offer discounts to: Law Enforcement, Firefighters, OIF/OEF veterans and our founding members (those of you who had the pleasure of training at our Rosemount facility). If you fall into one of these categories, please contact me prior to your purchase so I can apply the discount(s).

Finally, I want to apologize for not posting this information a month ago.  It was not my intent to keep you all in the dark, but there were “legal issues” that prevented me from posting this.

If anyone has any questions and/or concerns feel free to contact me at sean@crossfittemplar.com.


Sean A. Flaherty


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