Home WOD 6-Guess who made this up

CrossFit Templar – CrossFit


Full Video/warmup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoJl0w27PQw

WOD https://youtu.be/uoJl0w27PQw?t=84

Cashout https://youtu.be/uoJl0w27PQw?t=304

1min each

Jog in place

30 seconds two footed jumps forward/back

30 seconds two footed jumps laterally

Alternating Lunges

15 sec one footed jump forward back

15 sec other leg

15 second one footed jump laterally

15 second other foot

Metcon (Time)

2 Rounds

100 D/U

80 Reverse Situps

60 Jumping Bulgarian Lunges(30/leg)

40 Good Mornings

20 Dueth Lunges L&R=

10 360 Burpees


Accumulate 3 minutes of a hollow hold

Accumulate 3 minutes of Dip support

2 min couch stretch/per leg