Nutrition Guidelines 2018

Eat real food, not too much of it, and most of it should be plant based.   Yes it’s that simple.  Now lets explain what this means in a little more detail….

Real Food. Real food is living food, meaning it grew from the ground or it was once breathing. If you take the food home, put it on the counter, and it goes bad within a few days/hours, you have real food. Even some of these paleo, organic, all natural, gluten free, etc… foods that are out there now are NOT what I’m talking about. Even if you’re eating “paleo” ice cream, or gluten free brownies, you’re still eating ice cream and brownies. Look for options that have 1 or 2 ingredients. If the ingredients list is much longer than that then you are probably eating something created in a factory somewhere. If it comes in a box from the middle aisle, its probably not a real food.

How Much: Lets keep it simple. Take a look at the inside of your hand. For each meal, try to eat portions of meat and carbs that are about the size of your palm. Now try to incorporate some healthy fat about the size of your thumb. Lastly fill up the rest of your plate with veggies. If you stick with this amount of food for 3 meals a day you will certainly burn fat and perform better in your workouts.

It can’t get much more simple than that so don’t go out and try to over complicate things by following some 15 step nutrition plan that has you spending hours in the kitchen every night trying to figure out what to do or if you’re allowed to have that potato or not. Follow these simple tips and you will be on a fast track to your healthiest body yet!

Again: Eat real food, not too much, and most of it should be plant based.


Need some meal ideas and advice?  Click Here


CrossFit Templar Challenge is 6 weeks in length.

The first 2 weeks (14 days) should be strict. That means no sugar (that includes maple syrup, stevia, honey), dairy, grains, protein powder, processed food and limited alcohol, just 2 alcoholic drinks per week (stick to red wine or tequila, they both have almost no sugar).

Weeks 2-4 (days 15-29) athletes can reintroduce a protein powder, maple syrup, honey and 5 alcoholic drinks per week.

Weeks 4-6 (days 30-42) athletes are allowed ONE cheat MEAL per week.



What foods should I avoid?  Avoid all processed foods, any dairy, legumes, foods with added sugar and preservatives

What condiments can I use?  Paleo mayo, oil and vinegar dressing, mustard, pickle relish that does not have sugar.

What condiments should I avoid? Ketchup, salad dressings, bbq sauce, honey, maple syrup. Anything with sugar or oils that are not avocado, olive or sunflower.

Can I drink coffee? Yes, but remember no sugar or dairy.  That includes stevia and splenda.   

What can I put in my coffee?  Coconut milk, almond milk, coconut oil, butter

How long will this last? January 8th – February 18th.  Final measures and weight taken the week of the 18th.

Can I use protein powder? Yes.  BUT be careful, many protein drinks contain a TON of added garbage!  Recommended: Bi Pro, Paleo Protein, Progenex  



        1. Constantly prepared food available!  SNACKS, breakfast, lunches, dinners
        2. Variety is important, but meals DO NOT have to be complex.
        3. Eat your bodyweight in good protein, you will not be hungry if you do.
        4. Good fats with every meal.
        5. Some fruits are better than others, due to sugar content.  Berries are the best, but a variety of other fruits carry good nutrients.  Eat in moderation.
        6. Eat greens at every meal.  This does not mean you need a salad at every meal!
        7. Remember if you have to ask if it’s paleo, the answer is NO. It needs to be grown or have a mom.
        8. You can eat chicken for breakfast and eggs for dinner.
        9. Gluten free IS NOT ALWAYS Paleo