Friday Night Fights

the open poster


What is Friday Night Fights?

Friday Night Fights is CrossFit Templar’s in-house competition for The CrossFit Open.  Every Friday Night from October 11-November 8 we will gather at the gym and do the Open workout in a competition atmosphere.  There are lanes and heats and judges, not to mention an after-party that usually starts around heat 3.  You don’t want to miss out!

What is The Open?

The CrossFit Games Open is the world’s premier test of fitness.  It is a five-week, five-workout online competition which endeavors to rank the fitness of thousands of competitors, with the ultimate goal of crowning two The World’s Fittest.  The Open is designed to be accessible yet rigorous enough for every level of athlete.  Workouts are released online each Thursday.  Scores for each week must be submitted by Monday.

How do I get on a team?

You have two choices: register for JUST Friday Night Fights, or register as an athlete through The CrossFit Games Open.  Either way, click this link to register.

Is the same thing we did in February?

Yeah, kinda.  CrossFit Games has changed their calendar so the Open is in October and November this year.  We are taking the opportunity to change things up a bit. Friday Night Fights will have a different feel this time.

What else is different this year?

For the Open 2019 we had four teams- this time we narrow to two: Templarsdottirs (females) vs. Templarssons (males).  The scores and the point spreadsheet will be posted each week. There are a variety of ways that men and women can help earn points for their team, and you can read more about that next!

Will there be themes this year?

You bet!  They won’t necessarily involve dressing up.  But we fully encourage any team-generated spirit gear, because we love the photo ops.  

20.1 AMBAP (Blankets for Bridging)

20.2 Unknown and unknowable (no donation this week)

20.3 Nutrition Challenge (Food for the Open Door Pantry)

20.4 Avengers Assemble (no donation this week)

20.5 Rock Your Socks (Socks for The Drawer)

How can I help my team?

You can earn points for your team in a few different ways.

*Do the workout on Friday Night

*Attend (and bring fans!) to cheer for your fellow athletes on a Friday Night

*Achieve a score ranking in the top ten for your division

*Contribute to our donation drives

*Enter a score in wodify (even if you didn’t do the workout on Friday)