Recess Games

ATTENTION Friends & Family of the CrossFit Templar Community…

Come join CrossFit Templar for a FUN team competition to raise awareness and raise money for HopeKids, a 501(c)(3) non-profit providing ongoing events, activities and supportive family communities for children with life-threatening medical conditions. (Think Make- A-Wish, only instead of one huge wish, they get to participate in events a few times a month.)  Everyone who signs up will be divided into teams; we do the thinking for you so you don’t need to stress out about creating your own team. Again, FUN is the key objective.

Saturday, June 18th 9:00AM -11:00AM CrossFit Templar


Registration is no cost.  Participants are asked to donate what they feel is fair to:

The money will go directly to HopeKids on behalf of Josh and Crossfit Templar’s members. There is no minimum donation…there is no maximum donation, either (wink- wink).

Also, for those with questions about donations and how they are dispersed by the organization, HopeKids uses 90% of the funds donated on the children and their activities. You’d be hard-pressed to find an organization using charitable dollars so efficiently; the remaining 10% is used for administrative (4%) and fundraising (6%) expenses.

So what’s the story on Josh?


Josh Cinnamo is participating in an invite-only powerlifting meet called Relentless. The meet is in Rosemount on July 8th & 9th, which attracts some of the best lifters in the U.S. and raises funds for HopeKids. In fact, over $225,000 was raised at last year’s meet! Josh has been paired with a HopeKid who is battling/living with a rare form of brain cancer and will lift and fundraise on behalf of the young man. Because Templar has been such an integral part of Josh’s growth as a lifter, he’d love to share that same community support with HopeKids.

Questions, please contact