Templar Nutrition CHALLENGE


This challenge will start on January 8th and runs through February 18th (6 weeks).

OPTIONAL informational meeting 1/8/2017 @ 7:00pm with Coach Justin.

Find Nutrition Guidelines Here

Find Meal Ideas and Recipes Here

The requirements to take part in the challenge include:

1) Sign-up at the desk and pay $20 to coach on staff. There are envelopes at the desk, make sure to label with your first and last name and the coach on staff will deposit the money in the locker.

2) Measurements & Weigh in. Measuring tape and scale will be available for your use at the gym.  Measurements & weight should be done and recorded on your tracking spreadsheet (see below).  Use the scale at the gym for consistency in weighing.

3) Before and after pictures, take and keep. You DO NOT need to give these to us unless you are a winner.

4) Baseline WODS and strength.  Please record ALL WODS and LIFTS in Wodify.  Make sure and add all the appropriate notes for modifications.


Food journal / Water and Sleep Tracker. Use Wodify, My Journal.  You can enter everything you ate for the day, the amount of water you drank (recommended (55-75 ounces), how many hours you slept (recommended 7-8 hours) and note your fish oil intake in the comments section.  Your coach can then go and read your journal and make comments and suggestions.  There are a couple of reasons why keeping a food journal is a good idea. First, if you are struggling to lose weight, feeling tired or are losing muscle, we can review your food journal and help you adjust your food intake.

How do I win …. The points system:

Male and Female Winner for Body Composition

  1. Weight Lost
  2. Inches Lost
  3. Pictures

Male and Female Winner for Effort

Points for…

    • 1. Working out.  You will receive 1 pt. for every CrossFit Templar class you attend.
      2. Accessory work. You will receive up to 1 pt. a day for completing some or all of the following accessory work.
      GHD:  5 minutes (Interval 30 sec on and 30 sec off).
      BIKE or/and ROWER: 8 minutes (Interval 40 sec on and 20 sec off).
      BURPEES: 10 minute EMOM (10 Burpees or 40 sec whatever comes first).
      3. 5 pts. a week for eating clean and keeping a food journal.  Subtract 1 pt. each week for every cheat or day missed recording.  Athlete can not go into negative points.
      4.  “Baseline WOD 2018” improvement.  Score should be recorded in WODIFY.

What do I win …. aside from a new outlook on food and feeling great!

Fill My Crock-Pot Meal – cooked by Shannon V.

IDLife Prize Pack – Donated by Jeremiah Drobney

Origin Meals Gift Card $25

CrossFit Templar Merchandise Credit $20 (clothing, F4F, RX Bars)

$100 CASH


  • TRACKER Spreadsheet
    1. If you have questions please contact justin_haffner@yahoo.com.