The twelve weeks leading up to the holidays is a busy time for folks. Often what is left as an afterthought is fitness and nutrition, pushing the start of better health to “the 1st of the year”. Dedicating time and preparation to these things is draining and overwhelming. So we are going to take things week by week, attacking a simple weekly fitness challenge and committing each week to a healthy lifestyle adjustment.

Here is how it works:

Beginning September 30th, for 12 weeks TWO Challenges a Week will be announced

  1. Fitness
  2. Healthy Habit

Fitness – Consider this a “cash out” or accessory work, some challenges will require you to be at the gym to complete, some not, but we ask that all athletes record results to the WHITEBOARD (literal old school whiteboard) at the gym. Everyone that participates in that particular weeks fitness challenge will get their name put in, for a prize drawing.

Healthy Habit – This could be anything from eating your veggies, to water consumption, maybe a sleep goal or a challenge to limit processed foods. Whatever the challenge may be, the goal is to try it for a week, hold yourself accountable, you can do anything for 7 days! Heck maybe you will even decide to continue with that habit.

Questions….of COURSE you have questions!

How much does it cost? NOTHING! Our goal is to give you tools to better yourself over a stressful holiday season.

Where do I sign-up? NO NEED! We will post both challenges on Wodify Monday morning, Facebook and the old school whiteboard at the gym.

What if I miss a week? What if I don’t start till week 4? No worries and sounds good glad to have you participating.

This seems really informal. Why should I do this? To hold yourself accountable, better yourself, learn tools and habits that increase your health and work capacity, to do a little extra!

I need to talk this through? Contact