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Coach Jonny J Benefit

This month CrossFit Templar will be hosting a benefit in support of

Jonny Jensen, owner and coach at neighboring CrossFit 5885.

Coach JonnyJ was faced with a life threatening kidney condition as

a child that resulted in a need for a transplant. With a long recovery

ahead and mounting medical bills, it’s time we as a CrossFit

Community step-up and show our support.

A reflection from Alana Jensen (5885 Coach, Athlete and Wife of

“He (Jonny) said it best just the other day as we came driving up on

a car stuck in the snow. My son asked him why we were stopping.

Jonny’s response, ‘If you can help, you stop’. I thought about that

and as simple as it sounds, that’s who Jonny is. He has collected,

practiced, and tested so much powerful knowledge as a coach and

athlete over his lifetime, so when he comes upon a person who he

DJ Calves will be there with motivating tunes, Shannon V. will

have her camera ready for action, Origin Meals will have a tasting

and Chiropractor Dr. James Midboe will have massage for

can help, he does.”


There will be contests, prizes and a heart pounding WOD. (Heats

will run every 30 minutes, starting at 2:00pm)

Sunday, February 21st

CrossFit Templar

Doors Open at 1:30pm

$20 Cash Donations at the Door