Body Knowledge Testing

What is Body Knowledge?

Body Knowledge provides a fast (45 seconds), accurate (98% to gold standards) and non-invasive (remove shoes/socks) way to track and educate on water, muscle and fat within the body. Understanding our bodies is the first step towards changing them.

Why get a body composition test?

The scale is misleading!! Weight can fluctuate due to countless reasons and it means nothing! Weight gain is a good thing if it’s fat-free mass. Weight loss is a great thing if it’s fat. Body composition helps you make sure you’re losing/gaining the right kind of weight and Body Knowledge provides a full-page (back of flyer) report on data the scale simply can’t.

Why Body Knowledge?

We leverage InBody570 technology which allows for 99% reproducibility, 98% correlation to gold standard methods without being dunked in a tank, exposed to radiation, getting into a bathing suit or taking 30-45 minutes of your day. We simply ask for 10 minutes and that you follow a few simple protocol.