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The Athletic Body Mobility & Stretching Seminar

The Athletic Body Mobility & Stretching Seminar

Do you struggle with ROM (range of motion) in certain movements or joint pain in CrossFit?

Moving incorrectly in a training environment like CF without correcting it increases your susceptibility to injury and/or chronic pain.  When you develop and reinforce faulty body mechanics, eventually the patterns you repeat in practice show up during your WODs and it’s only a matter of time until something in the body “gives.”

Most of you know you should mobilize, stretch and correct these faults, but if you don’t know what or how to do it, you end up doing nothing at all.

Join CFT member and Corrective Exercise & Posture Alignment Specialist Deb Preachuk for this 4 part seminar.  Deb will help you address common movement/position causing pain or keeping you from progressing.  You’ll learn specific exercises to mobilize, stretch and correct painful or dysfunctional movement patterns.

Each session will focus on primary issues associated with the shoulders/thoracic spine, low back, hips and knees/ankles.

Deb will teach you how to prioritize your position and movements to help you reduce/avoid pain due to poor mechanics, improve your posture and optimize your movement skills for better conditioning and performance.

You’ll be taught how to set up and perform:

1.  Restricted Tissue Mobilization
2.  Specific Stretching Sequences
3.  Simple Corrective Exercises 

So you can work on them at home and pre-WOD allowing you to confidently eliminate pain and chronic injury due to dysfunctional movement patterns.

Equipment:  Bring a 36 inch length foam roller, and 3 LAX balls.
*  we can order this equipment for you (please contact Deb for details)

Cost:  $100.  You can purchase in the ONLINE STORE.  It’s listed under “Seminars” in the “Services” sub-tab.  The sign up roster is on the WOD sign up roster.

Schedule:  Session 1–6/3, Session 2–6/10, Session 3–6/17 and Session 4–6/24.  All classes start at 7:15 pm.  All classes are 75 minutes in duration.

Class is limited to 10 students.  


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