CrossFit Templar (formerly known as CrossFit NorthStar) began in the Winter of 2009. Owner Sean and his business partner started out by training a handful of dedicated individuals at Scott Highland’s Middle School in Apple Valley. The mornings were early, but the desire to train kept athletes coming back for more, so in December of 2009 CrossFit NorthStar became an official CF affiliate. After a year in Rosemount, the space became too small to accommodate everyone, so Sean picked up shop and moved the gym to a slightly larger facility in Apple Valley. Two years to the day, CrossFit NorthStar changed names to CrossFit Templar and a new location was established to facilitate the increasing number of athletes. Take a look at some of the pictures taken from our journey from a middle school jungle gym to where we are today.

The beginnings of CFNS – an early morning WOD at Scott Highland’s (Fall 2009)

Our Rosemount space

The A.M. “fire breathers” at the Rosemount location

One of our first WODs at the AV location

Outgrowing our 2nd Apple Valley box