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90-day and 180-day Paleo Challenge

Who:  Any and all CrossFit Blacksite and CrossFit Templar members…new…old….really, really old (like CrossFit Northstar in Rosemount old).

What: 90-day Paleo Challenge ($20 entry fee) & 180-day Paleo Challenge ($40 entry fee)

Where:  CrossFit Blacksite, CrossFit Templar, at home, in your car, local restaurants, Facebook (our main forum and mode of communication will be through a group that has been created, titled “CrossFit Blacksite and CrossFit Templar Nutrition,” and U of M BodPod

When:  Officially begins 22OCTOBER2012 and goes either 90-days out or 180-days, depending on what you have signed up for.  I know what you’re thinking and yes, this DOES go over the holidays!

**BodPod results (2 main categories – Body Fat % drop and Muscle Mass % gain) are required to enter the event.  With that being said, we are trying to coordinate right now with the U of M to see when we can get groups in. There will be a couple different time slots and days set up as we know that most of you are very busy these days.  Beanie will be our main POC for this, and he will be putting out our coordinating instructions.

Why:  Why not?  All of us could use a cleanse and reset after a summer full of tasty food and drinks, right?  We believe that what you consume should be healing and healthful not bogged down with extra chemicals and additives & preservatives, which promote inflammation and disease processes (and in return make our WODs suck). For our contest model & standards we will be using the Whole30 Program, which can be found on the Whole30 Program website.  Not only do we want this to be a fun challenge with a few awesome prizes, but we also want this to be a lifestyle change!

Prizes:  1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be awarded to the winners of the 90-day and the 180-day participants in both the female and male categories.  Scoring will be based primarily on concrete data (BodPod), with a few fun challenges along the way.  We will also have a WOD (TBD) in the first week of the Challenge, as well as at the end in which participants will submit for points. There will be no food journals/logs this time; if you don’t eat right, the BodPod don’t lie!

Registration:  Please email sam@crossfittemplar.com by 20October2012 to register and have your BodPod results turned in NLT 22October 2012.  Also, in your email, please indicate which time frame you’re interested in.

This is your warning order and more information and details will be posted soon.  As for the BodPod dates and times, we’re still waiting to hear from the U of M and when we do, information will be posted here and on the Facebook Group Page.


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