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5 January 2013

“Isabel/Grace/Jackie Team Relay”

(7 am class can do 1 of the WODs–your choice.)


0800-0810  Team Lane Assignments

0810-0820  Competition Rules & Movement Standards Review

0820-0830  Warm Up/Prep

0830-0900  Heat 1  (Rx)

0900-0930  Heat 2  (Scaled & Rx)

0930-1000  Heat 3  (Scaled)


1.  The objective is to see to see what 3 person team can get through the benchmark workouts Isabel, Grace and Jackie the fastest.  The workouts will be in that order and will be done in succession.  Each team member will do one workout.  There will be a scaled division too.  The scaled weights will be (95#/65#) for Grace and Isabel.

2.  A team must consist of three members.  Any combination of male & female is acceptable.  Weight standards will be adjusted according to Rx or Scaled requirements.

3.  Each team will have a rep counter from another division.  Good reps will be counted, reps not adhering to the set standard will be a “no rep.”  There will be an in depth discussion and demonstration of the standards prior to the contest.

4.  Workouts must be done in designated team space.

5.  Each team will have 3 bars (if needed), required weight, a rower and a section of Pull Up bars.

6.  All competitors must pay their money ($10/person Rx division & $5/person Scaled division) if they want to compete.

7.  Cry-babies will be beaten…severely.

Prizes: Rx/Scaled

(If we don’t have 5 teams/division then we compete for braggin’ rights.)

1st:  CFT Sweat Shirt/CFT or CFB T-shirt

2nd:  CFT or CFB T-shirt/CFT or CFB Beanie

3rd:  $15 CFT gift card/$10 CFT gift card



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