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4th January 2015

Slippery Roads

In teams of two for time:

At the count of 3,2,1 Go… Both Athletes will start at station # 1

Athlete #1 will perform movement A, as Athlete #2 performs movement B. When athlete #2 completes the reps for movement B, they switch movements. Athlete #2 will continue where #1 Athlete stopped. (For example if Athlete #1 completed 12 Shoulder to Overhead, Athlete #2 will start with 13)Athletes will continue switching till the team completes the reps for movement A. Once the reps for movement A are complete the team moves on to the next station.

Station I

A) 50 Shoulder to Overhead(95/65)

B) 5 wall climbs

Station II

A) 50 Wallballs(20/14 @ 10ft)

B) 5 Bar over burpees

Station III

A) 50 SDLHP(95/65)

B) 10 Pistols

Station IV

A) 50 KB Swings(2p/1.5p)

B) 10 H.R. Pushups

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