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3 January 2012

**This Saturday between 8-10 am we’ll be having our buddy team relay of Isabel/Grace/Jackie.  Remember there is an Rx and Scaled division.  It’s $10/person for the Rx division and $5/person for the Scaled division.  Please form your teams and put your names on the sign up roster.  If we don’t have 5 teams/division then we’ll do it just for fun…boring.  If you want to participate, but don’t have any buddies, you can show up and we can hopefully find you some buddies.  If you don’t want anything to do with this exciting competition, stay home or come to the 7 am class.**

“Billy Club”

Complete as many Reps as possible in 20 minutes of:

40 Front Squats (135/95)

30 Sit Ups

20 Ring Dips

10 Push Press (135/95)

(If you set the bar down during your Front Squats and Push Press there will be a 4 Barbell Burpee penalty paid at the time of the infraction.)

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