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25th February 2015

CF Templar Bootcamp
Have your friends or family members expressed interest in CrossFit but are too intimidated? CrossFit Bootcamp is a great way to get them started! Spring session starts Monday, March 2nd and runs through April 17th. Spring special, 7 weeks for the price of 6. For more information go here.

The Open/Friday Night Fights starts this Friday 2/27)

At CrossFit Templar we are going to have some fun with The Open “IN-HOUSE”. There will be 6 Intramural CrossFit Templar Teams. Each team will be led by a CrossFit Templar coach.

IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO REGISTER!!! WE WILL BE PLACING ALL ADDITIONAL REGISTERED TEMPLAR ATHLETES ON TEAMS NEXT THURSDAY (the last day to register for The Open). Don’t be left out of the fun, go to games.crossfit.com and get registered!!

Double Under Seminar
March 7th
Modified Adult class times, details soon
Register and seminar details here.

Golden Sheek
2 Rounds
2 minute ME Row for Calories
2 minute ME Bar or Ring Muscle-ups
Approximate 4 minute Rest
12 minute AMRAP
24 Double-unders
12 Overhead Squat (75/55)
6 Toes to Bar
Athletes will have 3 scores: calories rowed, bar or ring muscle-ups achieved and total number of reps from the AMRAP.

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