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24th November 2013

Death by pullups…. with a twist by coach Dan

20 minute AMRepAP



The clock will begin with 3-2-1 go.  From 1 minute mark through 19 minute mark, every minute on the minute athlete will perform the number of pull-ups associated with that minute, and then ME deadlifts.

3-2-1 go= 0 pull ups, ME deadlifts

Minute 1 – 1 pull up, ME deadlifts

Minute 2 – 2 pull ups, ME deadlifts…

Minute 18 – 18  pull ups, ME deadlifts

Score is total number of deadlifts executed.

*if the athlete fails to complete the required number of pullups for a set, there can be no further deadlifts attempts allowed.

Example:  Athlete performs 8 pull ups and completes 1 deadlift,  at the 9 minute mark, athlete is unable to complete 9 pull ups, at the 10 minute mark, athlete will attempt 10 pull ups, however even if completed, no deadlift attempts allowed.  Athlete continues pull ups through the end of the workout.  The pull-ups are a “buy in” for each round/minute.



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