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23rd December 2014

Holiday schedule…

Wednesday Dec 24th and Thursday Dec 25th Templar will be closed. Enjoy the holiday with your family.

Friday there is a shortened schedule. 9:30 am, 5 pm and 6 pm. Sign up on MindBody.

Saturday resumes normal class hours.

“The 12 Days of Christmas”
(same format as the Christmas song that takes forever to sing)

Special DJ for the 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm classes

For time:

1 x Deadlift (275/150)
2 x HSPU
3 x Barbell Burpees
4 x Weighted Deck Squat (1.5/1p)
5 x Ring Dips
6 x Toes-to-Bar
7 x H.R. Push Ups
8 x Goblet Squats (1.5/1)
9 x Sit Ups
10 x KB Swings (1.5/1)
11 x Box Jumps (24?/20?)
12 x KB Snatches (1.5/1)(6/arm)

(Compare to 22December 2012)

WOD will start with 1 DL

Then go 2 HSPU and 1 DL

Then go 3 BB Burpbees, 2 HSPU, and  1 DL

Go thru each day until all 12 days are complete.

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