22nd February 2015

The Open is NEXT WEEK!

At CrossFit Templar we are going to have some fun with The Open “IN-HOUSE”. There will be 6 Intramural CrossFit Templar Teams. Each team will be led by a CrossFit Templar coach.

IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO REGISTER!!! WE WILL BE PLACING ALL ADDITIONAL REGISTERED TEMPLAR ATHLETES ON TEAMS NEXT THURSDAY (the last day to register for The Open). Don’t be left out of the fun, go to games.crossfit.com and get registered!!

If you are registering make sure you put Crossfit Templar as your affiliate and as your team.

Our Templar teams currently stand as follows:
1. Sean Flaherty
Chuck B
Heidi H
Jodi R
Kristi C
Matt D

2. Sam Flaherty
Kristin A

3. Gretch
Micky R
Amy P
Max J
Tatum M
Scott W
Shannon V

4. TL
Holly T
Rick G
Ray B

5. James
Mark P
Laura Q
Ashley D
Ryan B

6. Dan Anderson
Brian B
Erik A
Jill S

Teams will earn points in the following ways….

5 pts. Team with the best spirit (voted on Friday night)
1 pt For each athlete on your Team that works out Friday night

2 pts. Per athlete that finishes in the top 3 RX in house
1 pt Per athlete that finishes in the top 3 Scaled in house
1 pt Per athlete that finishes in the top 25 of our region in their age group
1 pt Per athlete that submits an official score on The Open site
1 pt For an athlete PR in an Open WOD Scaled or RX (only 1 PR point per athlete possible per WOD)

*Please note just because an athlete is unable to attend a Friday night, it does NOT count them out of the opportunity to earn their team “weekly points”.

Don’t forget athletes-encourage your family, friends and fellow non-competing CF buddies to attend Friday nights to cheer! Everyone knows how much crowd support can push you to the next level and a PR. Feel free to bring snacks and beverages.

10 Min AMRAP
10 Pullups
10 Wallballs(20/14)
3 min rest
5 Min
Max Effort Burpees

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