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20th Febuary 2015


Reminder Jump Rope Seminar coming up soon.

Register and details here.


Friday Night Fight/The Open is in one week, are you registered?If not go here.

The Dark Knight

20 Minute AMRAP

3 Squat Cleans

5 Box Jumps(24/20)

7 Burpees

Men clean point values: 95#=1 point, 115#=2 points, 135#=4 points, 155#=6 points, 185#=10 points

Women clean point values:65#=1 points, 85#=2 points, 105#=4 points, 125#=6 points, 145=10 points

Every clean has a corresponding value, score is total value of all cleans completed. Athlete may adjust weight as needed.

(Compare to: 1 July 2011, 19 June 2012, 3 March 2014)

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