20 June 2013

Leaderboard Wednesday Update:  Jill S. knocked Jodi R. out of the third spot for “Nancy” with a time  of 15:09–got her by 8 seconds!

“Hotdogs & Cupcakes”

Shoulder Press   5×70% 1RM, 4×80% 1RM,   3×90% 1RM or M.E.


2 rounds of max effort at each station (there will be 1 minute rest between rounds)

Toes thru Rings

KB Clean and Press (1.5/1pd)

GHD Sit-ups

Ball Slams (50/30)

Chest 2 Bar Pull-Ups




Go through the stations ttwice for a total of 10 min or 12 min if you need the 6th station.


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