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19th November 2014

Hey CFT Athletes! We set up an online cart with Underground Printing so you can order hoodies for the winter. Follow the link below and make your selections. There are 22 colors to choose from. The hoodies are the same ones we sell at the gym. We have a few sizes on hand you can try on to see what size you may want–there is a little bit of shrinkage after they’re washed.

The cart closes on 30 November and the hoodies will be delivered to the gym on 12 December.


Order Here


Interested in a local CF competition?

MI5 Crossfit is hosting their 2nd Annual Mi5 Games.

Details Here

Register Here



“Over & Over Again”

For Time:

1 Overhead Squat (115/75)

8 Pistols

8 Burpees

2 Overhead Squats

8 Pistols

8 Burpees

3 Overhead Squats

8 Pistols

8 Burpees

Continue sequence until 8 Overhead Squats, 8 Pistols and 8 Burpees are complete.

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