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14th November 2013

Bench Press 2-2-2-2-2-2 @ 90% of 1RM


Total Tonnage ‘Gates of Hell’ 

8 min AMPAP (as many pounds as possible) This workout will have a constantly running clock. Every minute on the minute the athlete will perform 3 burpees then use the remainder of the minute to perform as many Power Cleans as possible. This workout is an AMPAP, or as many pounds as possible in the allotted time. This permits the athlete to scale the load of barbell to their own choice, even choose to do the workout with a dumbbell in one hand (final load for one handed athletes would be multiplied by 1.33). If a 135lb barbell is used and 50 total reps are achieved, the score would be 6750lbs moved. If the load was 95lbs the athlete would have to complete more reps to achieve the same or better score.

If a barbell is used, the lift must start from a stable position on the ground and end with the entirety of the load on the athlete’s shoulders in a true rack position. Should the athlete choose to do the workout with a dumbbell, all reps must be completed with the same arm from start to finish, no switching. The athletes using dumbbells may support their effort with the opposite hand on an upright support bar of the pull-up station. At the end of the workout time allotted, multiply load times reps for total pounds as score.

This WOD is from the Working Wounded Competition held at CrossFit Rubicon in Washington D.C.  Our own Josh C. participated in this competition and did extremely well.  The scores of the athletes are listed on the link below.  See how you stack up.  Try doing the WOD with one arm using a kettlebell–do the burpees with one arm too.



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