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14th December 2014

Live, Die, Repeat

8 rounds (4 mins) Tabata Push Press
8 rounds (4 mins) Tabata Back Squat
8 rounds (4 mins) Tabata Hang Power Clean
8 rounds (4 mins) Tabata Thruster

Remember, 1 Tabata round = 20 seconds of max effort exercise, followed by 10 second rest.
These are all done with the same bar. Men’s weight is 75#, Women’s weight is 53#.
There will be no extra rest between exercises. E.g. after last push press exercise interval ends at 3:50, there will be a 10 second rest, then right into the back squat when the clock is at 4:00

Score = sum of Tabata scores for each exercises
Tabata score for single exercise = lowest reps completed for all rounds. For example if I do 7 push presses for first 6 rounds, then 5, then 6, the score for push press = 5.

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