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13th Febuary 2015

Do you want to get better at Double Unders?

In March we have a Double Under seminar for you.

Hosted by JumpNRope

Saturday March 7th 9:30-11:30am @ Crossfit Templar

Look for registration details soon.

“Black Rose”
5 Rounds
Minute 1: 5 Front Squats (Athlete’s Choice)
Minute 2: 10 Pull-ups
Minute 3: 20 KB Swings (1.5p/1p)
Minute 4: Rest

Score is total amount of weight squatted. In order for an athlete to RX the WOD they must complete the front squats, pull-ups and KB swings within the allotted 1 minute. Front Squat weight can be changed at any point.

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