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12th October 2014

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys

Partner WOD

In teams of 2 athletes will complete as many reps as possible without letting the bar touch the ground. If the bar touches the ground both partners will complete 5 burpees.

 6 minute AMRAP, 2 minutes on each skill

Back Squat(115/75)

Shoulder to Overhead

Hang Cleans

2 minute rest

8 minute AMRAPs

Max Effort Wallballs(20/14@ 10ft)

Partners will tradeoff as they see fit. Wallballs will only be counted if the other partner is hanging from a pull-up bar.

Rest 3 minutes

Partner 2k row, switch partners every 500 meters.

Score is total number to movements  from round 1 and wall balls.

The row can be score be scored based on the number of teams.


10 teams

1st place get 10 points

2nd place gets 9 points

3rd=8 points


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