11th February 2014

Congrats to all CFT Athletes who competed at Freezefest


Looking for ways to improve your Weightlifting, specifically the Snatch, come get coached by Brian Derwin, National Champion and 1980 Olympic team member, on Feb 22nd from 1:00pm-4:00pm. Signup and details here.

CF Open WOD 13.1

17Min AM(Reps)AP

40 Burpees*

30 Snatches(75/45)

30 Burpees*

30 Snatches(135/75)

20 Burpees*

30 Snatches(165/100)

10 Burpees*

Snatch(205/120) As many reps as possible in remaining time

*Burpees will be done with a target that is 6 inches above head. Both hands must touch target.

 (Ladies, if you use the new Bella bars and want to Rx the WOD, you’ll have to do the weight + 3 additional pounds.  Your other option is to use the men’s bars.  We hope you like the new bars.)

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