11 October 2012

“Sunken Ship”

For Time:
800M Row
50 Wallballs (20/14 @ 10ft)
25 Burpees
50 Wallballs
800M Run


For those that are interested in entering either the 90-day OR the 180-day Paleo Challenge, please email sam@crossfittemplar.com no later than 20OCT2012.


There will be 2 groups going to the BodPod at the U of M, one on 13OCT and the second on 20OCT (it is a requirement to do the BodPod to enter the challenge). Whatever day works best, please meet at the U of M Rec Center at 0820. Paul “Beanie” Nobles is the POC for the BodPod, please feel free to email him if you have specific questions. His email is P.nobles@comcast.net.  CORRECTION – Meet at CrossFit Templar at 0745 to carpool if you’re interested!

**If you have never done the BodPod, please get in contact with him as there’s some specific information that you need to know beforehand. Thanks!


Steve from VDL Grassfed Beef will be coming to the gym on 20OCT around 1030. Please contact him directly if you need a refill on beef OR if you’re interested and this is your first time. His beef is the bomb, so take advantage of this great resource! Steve’s contact email is Steve@vdllimited.com

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