Friday Night Fights

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What is The Open?

The CrossFit Games Open is the world’s premier test of fitness. It is a five-week, five-workout online competition which endeavors to rank the fitness of thousands of competitors, with the ultimate goal of crowning two The World’s Fittest. The Open is designed to be accessible yet rigorous enough for every level of athlete. Workouts are released online each Thursday. Scores for each week must be submitted by Monday. See this for more information and to register!

What happens on Friday Nights?

We all gather at the gym at 5pm and do the Open workout in a competition atmosphere. There are lanes and heats and judges, not to mention an after-party that usually starts around heat 3. You don’t want to miss out!

Do I have to be there every week?

No, but you earn points for your team by doing the workout on Friday. Plus it’s a ton of fun. Friday Night Fights are each week from February 24 to March 24. Mark your calendars!

How do I get on a team?

Simply register for The Open and list your affiliate as CrossFit Templar. We will draft all athletes onto one of five teams. Each team will be led by a coach and a captain. Click here to register.

How do points work?

We have simplified the scoring this year…points are awarded for competing on Friday, judging on Friday, submitting a score for the workout (even if you didn’t come on Friday). Points are also awarded to athletes with the top 5 rx and top 3 scaled scores each week.

Do I have to take the judges course?

It is highly recommended! Athletes in prior years report that taking the judges course is an important way to learn the ins and outs of the movement standards. Plus you can earn extra points for your team each Friday Night if you judge for other athletes!!

Those half-time shows last year were crazy.

That’s not a question, but we totally understand. We were impressed and amazed by everyone’s creativity last year but the half-time skits were exhausting. This year we will have a weekly theme and your team will join the fun in whatever way you see fit.

Do you have any lengthy rulebooks in technical language for me?

So glad you asked! Here you go!