Templar Team Health Challenge

Templar Team Health CHALLENGE


Did you miss the INFORMATIONAL MEETING?  No worries, the majority of information can be found below, read carefully!

This challenge will start on September 12th and runs through November 30th.

The first 2 weeks (14 days) should be strict. That means no sugar (that includes maple syrup, stevia, honey), dairy, grains, protein powder, processed food and limited alcohol, just 2 alcoholic drinks per week (stick to red wine or tequila, they both have almost no sugar).

The requirements to take part in the challenge include:

1) Pay $20 to your assigned coach or the coach on staff. There are envelopes at the desk, make sure to label with your first and last name and note your assigned coach’s name; the coach on staff will deposit the money in the locker.

2) Measurements & Weigh in. Measuring tape and scale will be available for your use at the gym.  Measurements should be done by a coach and recorded to your assigned challenge coach.  Use the scale at the gym for consistency in weighing.

3) Before and after pictures, take and keep. You do not need to give these to me unless you are a winner.

4) Food journal. Please use Wodify, My Journal.  You can enter everything you ate for the day, the amount of water you drank (recommended (55-75 ounces), how many hours you slept (recommended 7-8 hours) and note your fish oil intake in the comments section.  Your coach can then go and read your journal and make comments and suggestions.  There are a couple of reasons we want you to keep a food journal. First, if you are struggling to lose weight, feeling tired or are losing muscle, I can review your food journal and help you adjust your food intake. Second, if the competition is close I will be reviewing the food journals to help make a final decision.

5) Baseline WODs. Throughout the course of this challenge we will be doing a number of baseline WODs.  Some you will know are coming some you will not.  We ask that you please make sure and record ALL WODs on Wodify.  Make sure and add all the appropriate notes for modifications.

How does my team win …. The points system:

You will receive points for…

    1. Keeping a nutritional journal on Wodify.  You must enter at least 5 days/week and will receive a point for each day (up to 5 points for a week)
    2. Taking fish oil.  You will receive 1 pt. For every day you take fish oil (up to 5 pts/week). Enter fish oil taken into comments in wodify food journal.
    3. Eating Clean. You will receive 2 pts. for everyday you eat clean with no cheats and no alcohol (up to 14 pts/week).  You will receive 1 pt. For a minor slip (i.e. had a cookie after dinner or a glass of wine).  You will receive 0 pts if you have more than one slip.
    4. Working out.  You will receive 2 pts for every WOD you attend and 1 pt. for any other physical activity that is 20 min. or more in duration (i.e. walking, running, yoga, biking….) up to 12pts/week.
    5. There will be “baseline” WODs hidden throughout the challenge.  There will be points (TBD)  given based on improved performance.
    6. Measurements – Your team captain will be taking your measurements, Bicep, Waist, Hip, Chest (men) and Thigh (women).  Point system TBD.
    7. Weight taken – it is recommended athletes DO NOT weigh themselves throughout the challenge


    1. What foods should I avoid?  Avoid all processed foods, any dairy, legumes, foods with added sugar and preservatives
    2. What condiments can I use?  Paleo mayo, oil and vinegar dressing, mustard, pickle relish that does not have sugar.
    3. What condiments should I avoid? Ketchup, salad dressings, bbq sauce, honey, maple syrup. Anything with sugar or oils that are not avocado, olive or sunflower.
    4. Can I drink coffee? Yes, but remember no sugar or dairy.  That includes stevia and splenda.   
    5. What can I put in my coffee?  Coconut milk, almond milk, coconut oil, butter
    6. How long will this last? September 12th- November 7th, weekly food  and gym attendance points given/earned. Measures and weight taken the week of the 12th and the week of October 31st.November 8th-November 30th, outpatient.  Please note WOD baselines will still be occurring during this time.  Final measurements and weight taken the week of November 28th.
    7. Can I use protein powder? Yes.  BUT be careful, many protein drinks contain a TON of added garbage!  Recommended: Reserveage, Bi Pro, Paleo Protein, Progenex  


    1. Constantly prepared food available!  SNACKS, breakfast, lunches, dinners
    2. Variety is important, but meals DO NOT have to be complex.
    3. Eat your bodyweight in good protein, you will not be hungry if you do.
    4. Good fats with every meal.
    5. Some fruits are better than others, due to sugar content.  Berries are the best, but a variety of other fruits carry good nutrients.  Eat in moderation.
    6. Eat greens at every meal.  This does not mean you need a salad at every meal!
    7. Remember if you have to ask if it’s paleo, the answer is NO.
    8. You can eat chicken for breakfast and eggs for dinner.
    9. Gluten free IS NOT ALWAYS Paleo

If you have questions please contact TL@crossfittemplar.com.